WSHS Alumni Scholarship Fund


2019 Winter Raffle

Each Ticket Cost is $100 

1st Place – $10,000, 2nd Place – $3,000, 3rd Place – $1,000 

Only 300 Tickets will be sold!

Refunds will be given if we can’t sell 300 Tickets 

Drawing to be held on December 23rd at 8:00 pm at SRI

The WSHS Alumni Scholarship Fund is sponsoring this raffle.  Money raised will go toward lightening the burden for college-bound seniors who show determination to improve themselves, despite family financial struggles.

Remember, through your generous contributions we have given 35 needy WSHS seniors $49,500 in scholarships! Let’s keep up this worthy cause together!

You may purchase individual raffle tickets below via PayPal,  if you are interested in helping us selling tickets, please email so that we can send you a package via us mail.

WSHS Alumni Scholarship Fund • PO Box 16531 • Washington D.C. • 20041

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